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Light Slewing Bearing Capacity

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As the saying goes, "the people eat food for the sky", the most commonly used machine in our daily life is the food machinery. The slewing bearings in these machines are light slewing bearings. In addition, there are many light-duty machines that choose a light duty slewing bearing when selecting bearings. So why do these machines not use other slewing bearings, and what are the characteristics of light slewing bearings that are different from other slewing bearings? Information about lightweight slewing bearings will be described in detail herein.

This article contains the following:

  • Definition

  • Capacity

  • Problems and treatment methods

  • Usage of light slewing bearing


The light slewing bearing has the same structure as the four-point contact ball slewing bearing, and is composed of a worm, a slewing bearing, a casing, a motor and the like. It has the advantages of light weight and flexible rotation, so it is widely used in light machinery such as food machinery, filling machinery, and environmental protection machinery.

The materials for light-load slewing bearings are mainly 50Mn, 42CrMo and C45. The light duty slewing bearing is small and has excellent performance. With an open center, the slewing ring becomes the ideal structural component.


Light duty slewing bearings can be divided into thin (06 series) and flanged (23 series), which are subdivided into gearless, external gear and internal gear slewing bearings.

From the processing point of view, the thin slewing bearing is consistent with the ordinary slewing bearing process, from the rough car blank, the rough car raceway, the raceway heat treatment, the fine car plane to the fine car raceway and then to the finished product.

The inner ring processing of the flange type slewing bearing requires one more process of processing the flange opening, including the roughing and finishing products.

Because the thickness of the bearing is thinner than that of other structural slewing bearings, the deformation will be slightly more after the quenching of the raceway. We adjust the amount of deformation generated by the tempering and finishing process.

The bearing has the same structure as the ordinary slewing bearing, which is light in weight, flexible in rotation and convenient to work. Widely used in food machinery, filling machinery, environmental protection machinery and other fields.

3、Problems and treatment methods

Light type slewing bearing professional production engineering machinery support due to material pores or interlayers, manufacturing quality problems such as hardness and uneven depth of the raceway hardened layer, or some external causes, causing the hardened layer of the raceway to peel off or the ring gear to be broken, will make The device is not working properly. For the raceway stripping, the first thing to do is to make a correct judgment. Peeling occurs, and it is generally not easy to see on the outside. According to our experience, the following conditions are indicated, indicating that the raceway has a peeling layer:

1) When the main engine is loaded and rotated, there is a “snap-squeaky” noise at the raceway.

2) Uneven rotation speed or a certain azimuth speed is obviously slowed down with slight vibration;

3) The temperature rise of the rotary motor is too high or the current is too large;

4) The keyway of the slewing motor and the hydraulic coupling or the coupling is crushed.

After peeling, it must be repaired in time. Otherwise, the stripping area will expand, and the entire slewing bearing will be scrapped. The repair method is as follows: first remove the roller or steel ball in the slewing bearing to separate the inner and outer rings; then clean the raceway with gasoline; smooth the bottom of the peeling layer; use the welding torch for the welding of the raceway Preheating, welding with medium carbon steel welding rod (the electrode must be dried before use, and used with baking), so that the welding layer is slightly higher than the raceway surface. If the peeling layer is deep or the area is large, it should be layered and welded. Do not make the base material temperature too high and cause deformation; this avoids the rapid cooling to produce welding cracks, and immediately take insulation measures after welding to gradually cool him. After cooling, use a sander to smooth the repair layer so that it is slightly higher than the surface of the raceway. Gradually repair the repaired weld layer with a whetstone or metallographic abrasive cloth to make it conform to the height of the normal surface of the raceway, with the corresponding original curvature. Sample testing, until the qualified, Heshan light slewing bearing professional production; use gasoline to clean the raceway and roller (steel ball) grease, assembled into one can be completed.


4、Usage of light slewing bearing

1) food machinery

2) canned machinery

3) Environmental Machinery

And other light machinery.



Light machinery can be seen everywhere in our lives. It can be said to be the closest bearing to our lives. Knowing the information on the light slewing bearing, you can understand how to choose better when selecting the bearing, and can better adapt to the machine used. Even if it is found and repaired when there is a problem with the light slewing bearing.

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