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Light slewing bearing application

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Xuzhou Wanda Slewing bearing Co.,Ltd is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province - a very famous Construction Machinery Base. Our Slewing Bearings have several series such as Single Row Ball Series,Double Row Ball Series, Three Row Roller Series, Single Row Cross Roller Series, Light Type Series and Flange Type Series.Light type profile slewing bearing has the same structure with general slewing bearing,it features in weight , high quality, high precision and strong durability, swivel flexible,and it has the same series which is including the external gear teeth、internal gear teeth、without gear teeth.


Light type slewing bearings widely application in engineering machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy mining machinery, shipping port machinery, environmental machinery, light industrial machinery, petrochemical machinery, engineering vehicles, military devices, food machinery, canning nachinery, car parking systems etc. 


In addition, our company also upgrades such products according to the needs of different users, so that the inner and outer rings are two sections respectively. Therefore, users can replace the slewing bearing spare parts without having to do a wide range of dressing on the main machine. As a professional manufacture of slewing bearing that produces light slewing bearing rings, we have passed CCS, BV’s type approval and ISO9001:2008 quality system and is the leading exporters in the field of slewing bearings in China. Our light slewing rings are more flexible to rotate and are easy for maintenance, which have been exported to 65 countries; this is the result of our attention to quality and service

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