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Prospects of Slewing Bearing in the Smelting Industry

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Slewing bearing can be applied in a variety of fields, especially in the smelting industry. Nowadays  casting equipment has become one of the major concern among manufacture industries. However, it cannot be denied that smelting process do harm to the human body, as continued exposure of airborne pollutants generated by metal processing and smelting has been considered as a potential cause of various kinds of chronic diseases. Immediate exposure of causes the eye, nose and throat to be irritated not only, but causes heart and lung problems and eventually premature death in the long run.

Based on this reality, slewing bearing has been treated as a potential prospect in the forging equipment, as it can be applied in the mechanical arm, automatic robot, ladle turrets and so on. As a result, it will become an inevitable trend that flexible mechanical arms will take place of large quantity of factory workers.

Rotary table is composed of arm system, fixed tower, rotary drive and other components, which is a typical heavy-load , low-speed rotary equipment.

The variety application of slewing bearing in smelting industry is deemed as a huge commercial opportunity. With the increasingly intelligent and mechanized of smelting industry, it will provide a giant business chance for the irreplaceable status for the application of slewing bearing.

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