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Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing Vs Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing

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There are many types of slewing bearings as "mechanical joints", such as single row ball slewing bearings and single row crossed roller slewing bearings. Since these two kinds of slewing bearings belong to the single row support, many people can't distinguish the two kinds of differences, and they can be randomly selected and used without knowing, which will cause great damage to the machine. This article will help you understand the information about these two slewing bearings.

This article contains the following:

  • Different structure of them

  • Different application of them

  • Maintenance of them



1、Different structure of them

1) Single row crossed roller bearing

The single row cross roller bearing consists of two seat ring rings. It is compact in structure, light in weight, high in precision and small in assembly clearance. This single row cross roller type slewing bearing has a steel drum as a rolling element instead of a steel ball. Due to the 1:1 cross-arrangement of the rolls, it is suitable for high-precision installation and can withstand axial forces, resultant forces and considerable radial forces. The axial and radial clearances are smaller than for single row ball bearings. Rotation is not as flexible as single row ball bearings and is often used in some high precision applications. Single row crossed roller ring bearings are mainly made of 50 Mn, 42CrMo and C45.


2) Single row ball bearing

The single volleyball slewing bearing is a four-point contact bearing, which has only one row of steel balls. They can withstand axial loads, radial loads and tilting moments. The single-row four-point contact ball slewing ring consists of two seat ringes, which are compact and lightweight, and the four points are in contact with the steel ball in the circular raceway. There are three types of single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearings: gearless bearings (without teeth), external gear bearings (external teeth) and internal gear bearings (internal teeth). The materials of the single row ball slewing bearing are mainly 50 Mn, 42CrMo and C45.


2、Different application of them

Single row crossed roller slewing bearing

1) Military products

2) Automated machinery, robot

3) Medical equipment

4) Radar equipment

5) Oil tank

6) Grinders and drill presses.


Single row ball bearing rings are the most widely used basic type in different fields.

1) Rotary conveyor

2) Welding manipulator

3) Light and medium cranes (truck cranes, deck cranes, aerial platforms, etc.)

4) Different excav


3、Maintenance of them

If you feel that you have completed the task by choosing the right support, then you are very wrong. In the process of using, you need to maintain them. In order to extend their service life and keep them in a good operating environment, it becomes the most powerful force for machinery.

  • The slewing bearing is sealed with a rubber seal, a single seal and a labyrinth seal. The rubber sealing strip seal itself has a simple structure, small space occupation and reliable sealing performance, and always checks the wear of the sealing strip during the operation of the machine.

  • Check the bolt pre-tightening torque once for the first time using 100 working hours. If more than 10% of the bolts are loose, check again after the 200th working hour.

  • Check every 500 working hours in the future; shorten the inspection interval for bad working conditions.

  • After 2000 hours of cumulative operation of the equipment, if a bolt is found to be loose to less than 80% of the specified torque, the bolt and the adjacent two bolts should be replaced. If 20% of the bolts are found to be loose to less than 80% of the specified torque, all bolts will be replaced.

  • After 14,000 hours of equipment work, all bolts must be replaced.

  • For equipment with high slew speed or continuous rotation or frequent operation, add oil every 100 working hours. In the case of poor working conditions, the time interval for filling grease should be further shortened.


Be aware that for machinery, the bearings are like their joints. Imagine a situation that would have a big impact on our daily lives if something went wrong with our joints. The importance of the support to the machine is just as important as the joint is to the human body. Therefore, the correct way is to understand the difference between the single row ball slewing bearing and the single row crossed roller slewing bearing, and then choose. And maintain them with great care during use.


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