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Slewing ring installation and commissioning

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Professional installation is the basis for the long service life of large slewing bearings( In order to avoid premature slewing bearing failure, the installation parameters must be strictly observed. Our experts can help you on the spot to ensure that your large slewing ring will last for the longest life.

One of the most important parameters is the flatness of the slewing bearing connection surface.Due to the specification and type of slewing bearings, the flatness must conform to DIN 1101.Our experts have received special training in modern laser measuring equipment.This allows you to assess your connection surfaces on site.

We can support you in the following areas:

·         measure the connection surface within 25,000 mm in diameter

·         anywhere on the connection surface (horizontal/vertical/oblique)

·         Mechanical adjustment planning


The primary goal of the installation work is to complete the installation of the large slewing ring in accordance with the specified parameters and to ensure that the facility is put into service as soon as possible.

We can give you support in the following areas:

·         Operation processing

·         Slewing bearing positioning

·         Gear calibration

·         Screw fixing

·         Backlash settings

·         Lubrication system connection


Other important work steps must be completed after the slewing bearing ( installation is complete.

We can support you in the following areas:

·         Testing run

·         First load slewing bearing

·         Operating characteristics

·         Evaluation of the slewing bearing pressure curve

·         Basic measurement



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