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The causes of abnormal noise in the slewing bearing

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When the slewing ring is installed and used, it sometimes makes an abnormal noise. What are the main reasons for this noise in the slewing ring?

First, the installation surface is not flat, the installation bolts are loose. When abnormal noise occurs, it is necessary because of the installation operation problem. When the unevenness of the slewing bearing installation surface does not meet the requirements, the raceway will form a negative gap, resulting in abnormal noise; In addition, when the pinion gear is poorly engaged, abnormal noise may occur, and the broken tooth may be caused. In addition, when the slewing bearing mounting bolt is loose, the slewing bearing( is elastically deformed, and the deformation position generates a negative gap, which needs to be checked immediately solid bolts.


Second, when there is foreign matter such as sand or iron filings in the slewing bearing(, a non-periodic vibration occurs, and there is also a problem that the rotation is inflexible. When encountering such a situation, it is necessary to strictly clean the slewing bearings, shafts, seat holes and matching parts before installation, and remove the foreign matter in the lubricant in time; remember to avoid the use of plastic cages with impure materials or embedded foreign objects. This will remove the corresponding abnormal noise.


Third, the abnormal noise caused by the grease problem The excavator slewing bearing( lubricated with grease, which is probably caused by lubrication problems. Common causes are the lack of grease in the slewing bearing raceway, uneven grease filling, poor grease quality aging, and incorrect lubricant selection. To solve this problem, you only need to use the right lubricant, timely filling, and timely replacement.

The abnormal noise caused by the damage of the sealing strip is checked whether the sealing strip is worn or not, because the structure of the slewing bearing sealing strip plays a key role in the sealing property. When the sealing strip and the slewing bearing cannot completely fit together, the grease is liable to leak. In addition, the weathering resistance and butter resistance of the sealing strip material are also issues to be considered.


Abnormal noise caused by cracks, indentations or rust When the rolling surface of the slewing bearing is cracked, indented or rusted, it also hears periodic vibration like a rivet rivet. The flaw will continuously occur on the channel, and the flaw is in the steel ball. The time is now hidden, and this noise has a related change with the installation and lubrication conditions. The liberation method is to not knock the slewing bearing or use a high viscosity grease during installation.

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