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Tips for Material selection of slewing bearing

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uzhou Wanda slewing bearings are widely used in machinery industry and provide excellent running accuracy. They also do a good job in reducing weight, creating space, reducing friction and extending service life. Xuzhou Wanda offers a variety of raw materials, internal assembly options, grease and corrosion resistance options. Xuzhou Wanda offers the widest range of slewing bearingswith raceway from 120mm to 5000mm.


When choosing the raw material of slewing bearing, we should consider the following principles.

  1. Firstly,      the mechanical and physical properties of the steel should meet the      requirements of the working conditions to ensure the safety. In general,      the working atmosphere is rough, so high axial loads, radial loads and      titling loading moments are required. While transmitting through the ring      gear, raceway and gears. Therefore, slewing bearing materials are      required to have high tensile, compressive, shear, fatigue strength and      quenching hardness, and have sufficient tensile and wear resistance. If      the slewing ring is operated in a corrosive atmosphere, the      material is also required to have certain corrosion resistance.

  2. Ring      billets are required to have good processing and heat treatment      processing. During the processing, such as rough rolling, casting,      forging, cutting, is likely to be done. During the heat treatment, it is      less likely to be overheated, deformed, cracked, decarburized, and has      good harden ability and proper quenching and tempering performance.


  1. Under      the premise of ensuring the safety, materials of slewing bearing with      low price and sufficient supply are popular.


  1. Considering      the application, light metal materials are widely used to reduce the      weight of slewing bearing. For example, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing      produces special flanged type slewing      bearing      which greatly reduces the weight of the whole machine.

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