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Tower cranes slewing bearings maintenance and lubrication

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First, tower crane slewing bearing inspection and maintenance

Tower cranes are specialized equipment, and rotary bearings are the most important part of them. If an abnormality is found, stop the device and check it immediately. In the process of using the slewing bearing of the tower crane, in order to detect problems in time and eliminate the malfunction, the slewing bearing must be regularly inspected and maintained. Wanda will Support and prompt you to start from the following aspects.


Working condition detection of slewing bearing of tower crane

Does the vibration occur?


There are no buzzing and abnormal sounds in the track and turret;


Whether the resistance of the tower crane increases when it rotates, whether there is a braking phenomenon or the like.


Inspection of tower crane slewing bearing bolts and gear seals

The mounting bolts (nails) of the slewing ring are loose and need to be tightened again (standard preload)

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