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What is flange slewing bearing

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Slewing bearing is also called turntable bearing, some people also call it: rotating support, gyro support. Slewing support is widely used in the real industry. It is called "the joint of machine". It is an important transmission part of the machinery that needs to rotate relative motion between two objects and bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. With the rapid development of machinery industry, slewing support has been widely used in marine equipment, construction machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries. Rotary bearings are mainly divided into light rotary bearings, flange slewing bearings, single row ball rotary bearings, four-point contact ball bearings and other rotary bearings with different structures and functions. Below we introduce the flange slewing bearing, as well as its application and function. I hope this article can help you better understand the flange slewing bearing.


Here are some key points:

◐ Definition of flange slewing bearing

◐ Application of flange slewing ring

◐ Function of flange slewing ring


Meaning of Flange Slewing Bearing

The flange slewing bearing adopts the same structure as the four-point contact ball slewing bearing, but the weight is light; the outer ring or inner ring of the flange slewing bearing has an "L" edge, just like a flange, which is what we call The reason for the flanged bearing. The flanged slewing ring is also used in some applications where the bearing is weight-limited. The weight of the flanged slewing ring is much lower than that of the conventional type. The materials of the flange slewing ring are mainly 50Mn, 42CrMo and C45. A flange bearing is a special type of slewing bearing. The outer ring can have a flange or the inner ring has a flange bearing, even if the inner ring and the outer ring have a flange.


Widespread Application of Flange Rotary Bearing

Flange slewing bearings are widely used in trailers. Other applications are the same as Trailer bearings, such as lifting and transportation machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, excavators, concrete machinery, paper-making machinery, plastic and rubber machinery and steel mills.


Flange slewing ring has been widely used in many applications.


1. Food machinery

Food machinery refers to the machinery and equipment used in the process of processing food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products). Food machinery can be divided into food processing machinery and packaging equipment.

❶ Food processing machinery

Including screening and cleaning machinery, crushing and cutting machinery, mixing uniform and homogeneous machinery, forming machinery, separation machinery, evaporation and concentration machinery, drying machinery, baking machinery, refrigeration machinery, extrusion and expansion machinery, conveying machinery and so on.

❷ Packaging machinery

Including packaging equipment, packaging printing machinery, packaging container manufacturing machinery, packaging materials processing machinery.


2. Canning Machinery

Canned food sterilizing pot, canned food sterilizing pot, horizontal plastic bag sterilizing pot, food and beverage mechanical sterilizing pot .


3. Environmental machinery

Such as filters, etc.


4. Automobile parking system, etc.


Function of Flange Rotary Bearing

1. Trailer

This type of bearing is used in a variety of occasions, including transportation, agricultural trailers, irrigation systems and airport luggage racks. In the application of vehicles, the axial load, radial load and torque of bearings are transferred. In other applications, they mostly transmit axial loads.


2. Solar energy

Rotating solar panels are a good way to increase energy. Because the slewing bearing has a very compact design, it supplies solar electric fields in Europe.


3. Medical Devices

Rotary Bearings of spindle turntable for series of medical devices with high precision, low noise, long life and high reliability developed by bearings have been widely used in gamma knife, CT machine, nuclear magnetic resonance machine and other large medical devices.


4. Robots

Industrial robots and other equipment. The slewing support is installed in the joint of the robot, which can achieve incredible high compact rotational motion.


In summary, we briefly introduce some contents of flange slewing bearing. Our company has professional engineers, we have more than 15 years of experience in slewing bearings. Our factory has introduced lean manufacturing to improve the quality of our flange slewing ring. If you want to know about flange slewing bearings and other slewing bearings, please consult us, we are happy to answer for you.



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