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What is the advantage of Xuzhou slewing bearing

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Xuzhou Rothe Erde slewing bearing Co., Ltd. (XREB) was established in May 2002, it is a joint venture between Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) and Rothe Erde . By 2009, the joint venture company had made a large-scale investment in Xuzhou. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of slewing bearings and industrial steel balls. Our products have a wide range of applications in engineering machinery, wind power generation, port equipment, offshore platforms, metallurgy, mining, medical CT machines and military ect..



As the birthplace of slewing bearing, Xuzhou relies on the technical support of Rothe Erde, after years of development, Xuzhou slewing bearing industry has initially established relatively complete industry standards, and its research and development capabilities have also been greatly improved. But compared with developed countries,many manufacturers still have some gaps in manufacturing technology development, process equipment and testing instruments. In Xuzhou slewing bearings, the proportion of high-precision, high-tech and high-value-added products is relatively low, while high-end slewing bearings still rely on imports.


In order to expand its share in the high-end market, Xuzhou's relatively strong slewing bearing manufacturers with capital and technical strength continue to increase R&D investment. For example, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing Co., Ltd. has been setting industry standards since its establishment in 2011, and has established stricter internal standards to ensure that the slewing bearing geometry is further improved;the depth of the hardened layer is increased; the service life of the slewing ring is increased; the research and development of anticorrosive materials is strengthened; and the application of the slewing ring is promoted; The development of equipment, the use of computer simulation technology for the effective validation of slewing ring bearing capacity, the product structure into the size of the optimization design. At the same time, many enterprises in Xuzhou slewing bearing also began to pay attention to the research and application of the slewing ring basic technology and related technologies.



It should be said that in recent years, Xuzhou slewing bearing has developed rapidly and the quality of slewing bearings is high. At the same time, combined with the continuous improvement of the company’s operating capacity and production efficiency, Xuzhou slewing bearings have always maintained a competitive advantage in China market.

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