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How to maintain slewing bearing?

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Now, slewing bearing is used in a lot of machinery today, but slewing bearing is the most widely used, so slewing bearing, so when we use it, maintenance is something we have to do, so what do we have to pay attention to when we maintain the slewing bearing?This article takes you through how to maintain slewing bearing. 

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Here are the main points of the article:

  • Notes for the use of slewing bearing

  • Slewing bearing maintenance matters needing attention


1. Notes for the use of slewing bearing:

(1) Slewing bearing is generally registered as 3# lithium grease when delivered from the factory, and customers can refill the appropriate grease when using it. 

(2) Under general working conditions, the bolt preload should be checked once after 100 hours of operation after installation, and once every 500 hours of operation thereafter, so that sufficient preload must be maintained. Replace the bolts every 7 years or after 14,000 hours of work. 

(3) Under general working conditions, the ball slewing bearing shall be injected with grease once after 100 hours of operation after installation, and the roller slewing bearing shall be injected with grease once after 50 hours of operation. Check once every 400 hours after operation and fill properly to maintain good lubrication, and make records. When using in dusty and humid areas, it should be lubricated at least once a week according to specific conditions. The grease should be renewed before and after the long shutdown. Fill the raceway with grease for each lubrication. The bearing slewing should be rotated slowly to fill it fully and evenly. 

(4) The slewing bearing tooth surface shall be cleaned and changed every 8-10 working days without any foreign body. 

(5) Check whether the seal condition of slewing bearing is in good condition regularly.  If the seal is found to fall off, it should be reset in time;If there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately to prevent foreign bodies from entering the raceway. 


2. Slewing bearing maintenance matters needing attention

(1) Slewing bearing shall be installed with sufficient rigidity and the mounting surface shall be flat. The destress treatment should be carried out before slewing bearing is assembled to reduce the deformation of slewing bearing. The interface between bearing and slewing bearing must be cleaned during assembly. 

(2) Slewing bearing shall check the meshing of the gears before the bolts are fully tightened, and its meshing condition shall meet the requirements of gear accuracy: that is, the contact spots distributed on the tooth surface after the gear pair operates under slight braking shall be no less than 25% in the direction of tooth height and no less than 30% in the direction of tooth length. 

(3) In order to ensure the reliability of bolt work and avoid the deficiency of bolt preload, slewing bearing shall check the preload torque of bolts after the first 100 hours and 500 hours of work respectively. Check the preload torque every 1000 hours thereafter. 

(4) When tightening nuts, apply lubricating oil to the thread of bolts and the end face of nuts, and use a torque wrench to tighten them symmetrical and even for multiple times in the circumference direction. The pre-tightening torque should be approximately uniform on each bolt during the final tightening. 

(5) In the use of slewing bearing, attention should be paid to the change of noise and rotary resistance moment.  If there is any abnormal phenomenon in the maintenance of slewing bearing and slewing bearing, it should be removed and inspected. 

(6) Slewing bearing shall be hoisted or stored horizontally, and shall not be hoisted or stored vertically to avoid deformation. 

(7) Slewing bearing bearing surface shall be cleaned of minor sundries and recoated with grease for 10 shifts. 

(8) The bolts and nuts connecting slewing bearing shall be high-strength bolts and nuts;Double nuts for fastening and loosening. 

(9) Slewing bearing shall apply lubricating oil to the thread and nut surface of the bolt when tightening the nut, and shall be tightened symmetric and even multiple times in the circumference direction with a torque wrench. The pre-tightening torque on each bolt should be roughly uniform when the bolt is tightened again. 

(10) Four oil cups were arranged on the upper surface of the slewing bearing ring at the alignment of the raceway, thereby adding grease to the raceway. Under normal conditions, slewing bearing operates for 50 hours. Add enough oil each time until oil seeps out of the seal. 

We've learned about the maintenance and maintenance of slewing bearing, but we need to make use of it.  It's only with frequent maintenance that the possibility of damage to slewing bearing will be reduced and we'll be more comfortable with it when we use it. I hope the introduction of this article has helped you understand slewing bearing.  If you need slewing bearing, please contact us. 

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