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How to maintain the slewing bearing

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1. When the slewing bearing leaves the factory , a small amount of No.2 extreme pressure lithium-based grease (GB7324-1994) is coated in the raceway. When using, the user should refill with new grease according to different working conditions.

2. Under normal conditions, the slewing bearing is lubricated once every 60 hours of operation. In tropical areas, high humidity, dust, and temperature changes and continuous operation, the frequency of lubrication should be increased. Before and after the machine has been stopped for a long time, it must be filled with new grease. Rotate the slewing ring slowly during grease filling so that the grease is evenly filled.

3.The tooth surface should be regularly replaced with grease according to the working environment.

4.After the slewing bearing has been running for 100 hours, check the nut pretension. Generally check every 500 hours of operation, and must maintain sufficient pretension. Bolts are usually replaced every 7 years or after 14,000 hours of work.

5. During use, pay attention to the operation of the slewing bearing. If noise, shock, or sudden increase in power is found, immediately stop the machine and check the fault, and remove it if necessary.

6. Protect the slewing bearing from direct sunlight during using. It is forbidden to flush the slewing bearing directly with water to prevent it from entering the raceway and prevent harder objects from approaching or entering the tooth meshing area.

7. Always check the integrity of the seal. If the seal is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it is found to be broken, it should be reset in time.




1. The slewing bearings are packed in oil seals at the factory. The packaged slewing ring can be stored under suitable conditions for 6 months. Slewing bearings rollers of storage are replaced with grease every 12 months, storage bearings must be re-rust-proofed every 6 months.

2. When the slewing bearing is stored, it should be placed in a dry and flat place, and it should be placed horizontally. It is generally forbidden to place it directly in the open air to avoid a humid and corrosive environment, to avoid the slewing bearing from being rusty by the environment.

Packaging and transportation


1. Packaging for automobile transportation

Depending on the distance of transportation, it can be packed in wooden cases, or wrapped with plastic woven cloth. Collision and rolling are not allowed. Lift it by lifting. The stacking height should not exceed the car bezel. When it’s not packed in a wooden box, we should use more than two wooden boards to separate the slewing bearing from the car floor to avoid the support end surface scratched.

2. Packaging for train transportation

Slewing bearing is usually packed flatly in a wooden case and mustn’t crash.

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