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How to replace the slewing ring and fill into grease?

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The slewing ring also has a certain service life. After using it for a period of time, various problems may occur. If the problem cannot be repaired, in order to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment, we need to replace it. So, how to replace the slewing ring? As the slewing bearing manufacturer, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing co.,ltd, We give you the some small steps to tell you about the replacement process.


Replace the slewing ring

  First of all, the replacement of the slewing ring should be operated by a professional person, do not operate by yourself, which is likely to increase the damage rate of the slewing bearing. Especially before installation, must be sure to turn off the power of the device to ensure the operator safety.


Secondly, in the process of installing the slewing ring, other personnel should be assisted by the side, and the whole replacement process should be carried out in strict accordance with the corresponding specifications. Some people need supervision and help to ensure the safety of the staff.


Finally, after the slewing ring installation is completed, remember to idling it once to check if the installation is successful, so as to ensure the safety of the slewing ring.


It is not a trivial matter to replace the slewing ring . It must be operated strictly in accordance with the replacement process during operation. Do not handle it blindly.

 Fill in the slewing bearing grease:


Slewing bearing is normally used EP II (Extreme pressure II lithium ester). Before deliver from the factory, the slewing bearing is filled with a small amount of EP II. When begin use it, the user should fill into full new grease, which could make sure the slewing bearing works in good function. Therefore, a good grease should be selected. Users should pay special attention when using the slewing ring.

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