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Lubrication principle of slewing

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The slewing ring produced by our company can work normally at -30℃~+70℃. If users need to adapt to lower or higher temperature support, our engineering technicians can design for you. If the parties (dust, cement, coal powder) etc. Special sealing ring, protective devices, and proper oil paths must be selected. Therefore, we hope users to do the daily maintenance work to make your slewing bearing function normally.


The slewing ring is lubricated with grease, and the lubrication is divided into two parts, as well as the lubrication part of the ring gear and the pinion of the slewing motor. The inner cavity of the slewing ringis lubricated by adding grease to the lubricating nipple on the common outer seat ring, and the inner gear ring of the slewing ring and the pinion gear of the slewing motor are lubricated by the pre-added grease.


Nowadays, automatic lubrication is generally adopted for slewing bearings, but most of them are manually greased. The external gear type has oil filling holes on the inner ring or flat surface, and grease guns are used to fill the grease. The internal gear type has oil holes on the outer ring or on the flat surface. Regardless of whether the internal and external gears are greased depending on the operating conditions, the gears must be greased.


Under special circumstances, such as tropical weather, high humidity, dust, and large temperature difference, the lubrication period should be shortened during continuous operation. Some new grease must be added before and after the machine stops running for a long time. Each lubrication should be in the race Fill it with grease until it leaks from the sealing tape.

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