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Slewing ring bearing application in port crane

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Slewing ring bearing installed in a wide variety of applications,one of is used in port crane.

port crane slewing ring bearing              port crane slewing ring bearing

The function and advantage of slewing bearing on port crane

The slewing bearing of the crane in the port can handle the loading and unloading of goods in a more comprehensive manner. It is impossible to accurately place and load and unload the slewing bearing.Compared with other steering equipment, the advantage of slewing bearing is the key to solving such problems. At the same time, the life of the slewing bearing more rigid compared to other devices on the timber, so as to solve the shortage of short cycle


Selection of slewing bearings for port cranes, examples of common models

There are four types of structures for common slewing bearings: single volleyball, cross roller, double volleyball, and three-row. Based on our experience and calculations, we have the following conclusions:

• When Do ≤ 1800, the single volleyball type is the preferred type; when Do > 1800, the three-row column slewing bearing is preferred.

• Slewing bearings of the same frame size, single volleyball type with higher carrying capacity than cross roller and double row reducer.

• Q series single volleyball slewing ring, compact size, lighter weight, better cost performance, is the preferred series for single volleyball.


There is election calculation of single volleyball slewing ring

1) Calculate the rated static capacity

CO = 0.6 × DO × do0.5

Where: CO -rated static capacity, kN

DO-diameter of the raceway center, mm do-nominal diameter of the steel ball, mm


Force analysis of port crane slewing bearing, bearing capacity curve

Port crane force analysis:

Gravity, friction, and pressure are the main stress factors. 

The force curve is as follows:

slewing bearing calculation

slewing ring production flow chart

XZWD slewing bearing if introduction and production capacity

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