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Slewing ring bearing tooth processing methods

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Slewing ring bearing tooth processing methods

Slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing, which can be divided into internal tooth, external tooth and non-teeth slewing bearing. Many people want to know how to make teeth. This article briefly introduces it. 

For the teeth slewing ring, it has external teeth and internal teeth.The gear process includes: hobbing and milling process.


1.Gear hobbing is one of the most productive and widely used processing methods among tooth profile processing methods. In the hobbing machine, the gear hob is used to process the distance of the gear, which is equivalent to a pair of helical gears for compulsory meshing without backlash. Hobbing can directly process 9-level precision gears.

The hobbing is used to produce the outer tooth type slewing bearing which could process multiple pieces at one time.


2.The milling process is widely used in inner and outer gear slewing bearing production which could control the tooth profile error.

The shape accuracy of gear shaping is higher than that of hobbing. The tooth shape of the gear shaper is relatively simple, and the precise involute tooth shape can be obtained by high-precision grinding. Therefore, the gear shaping can obtain higher tooth profile accuracy.


Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing uses the first brand of cutting tools which could guarantee the better performance in gear processing.The size of the teeth is directly related to the meshing of the customer pinion. We carry out 100% inspection on the common normal line or span of the tooth, and the tooth depth to ensure the control of this critical dimension.


It is the strict control of key dimensions and key parameters that creates the excellent quality of the Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing! Now Wanda slewing bearings have been sold all over the world. In particular, large machinery manufacturers in European and American countries are using Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearings. If you have any needs, please contact us!

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