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Space-saving HS Series slewing ring bearings

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HS series slewing bearing (single-row cross roller slewing bearing), composed of two seat rings, compact structure, light weight, high manufacturing accuracy, small assembly clearance, high requirements for installation accuracy, steel ball and arc raceway four Point contact, rollers are arranged in a 1:1 cross arrangement, can withstand axial force, tipping moment and large radial force at the same time, is widely used in rotary conveyors, welding manipulators, small and medium cranes and excavators And other engineering machinery and military products.

High Quality Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing Application for Mobile Crane Manufacturers in China


This article contains the following

  • Design features of HS series slewing supports

  • Structure of HS series slewing bearings

  • Application fields of HS series slewing bearings


Design features of HS series slewing supports

The internal structure consists of a rectangular cross-section, with deep grooved Gothic curved raceways and the largest ball complement. This results in a four-point contact design that provides excellent torque, thrust, and radial load capacity, allowing the bearing to withstand torque loads up to 139,900 ft/lbs (190 knm). 


The HS series has core hardness of pinion, gear and seat ring. However, compared with bearings of the same series, The HS series slewing bearing has higher rigidity, and the HS slewing ring has a smaller inner diameter clearance and a rectangular cross section, thereby providing greater load carrying capacity, greater rigidity and less movement. HS slewing bearings have an outer diameter ranging from 20" to 47" (500 mm to 1,200 mm) and have a standard cross-section. Configurations include gearless and internal gears (with accessories on the outer diameter) and external gears (with accessories on the inner diameter). The gear is a short involute tube design with a 20° pressure angle, manufactured according to AGMA Q5, and has a gap of .015" to .025".


The HS slewing bearing has two fittings for lubrication, spaced 180° from each other. Gear seats have threaded holes, and non-gear seats have through holes. All products have integrated seals to prevent contamination.


Structure of HS series slewing bearing

There are three different types of double volleyball slewing bearings:Configuration includes internal gear drive, external gear drive and non-gear drive. Gear for involute short pipe design, involute short pipe design with 20 degrees pressure angle, manufactured to AGMA Q5 grade. 

All HS models have two fittings for lubrication and an integrated seal to prevent contamination. There are threaded holes in the gear seat ring and holes in the non-gear seat.


Application fields of HS series slewing bearings

HS slewing bearings provide a variety of solutions for medium to heavy applications, and are ideal for a variety of medium to heavy applications, such as:

Crane, aerial lift, excavator derrick, chute rotation, forklift rotor, industrial turntable, aerial work elevator, excavator derrick, chute turntable.

Earthwork machinery slewing bearing, excavator slewing bearing, disassembly machine slewing bearing, stacker-reclaimer slewing bearing, grader slewing bearing, roller slewing bearing, dynamic compactor slewing bearing, rock drilling machine slewing bearing, roadheader slewing bearing

Concrete machinery slewing support: concrete pump truck slewing support, concrete mixing and distributing bar integrated machine slewing support, belt distributing machine slewing support , etc.

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