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What is bearing with internal gear

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Bearings are the most important parts of mechanical equipment and are often used in industrial and household goods. Slewing bearing with internal gear is also a kind of bearing. This paper introduces the specific application and installation of internal gear slewing bearing, we can understand these bearings more.

Main points:

Definition of bearing with internal gear 

Application of internal gear

bearing with internal gear installation


Definition of bearing with internal gear 


The slewing bearing is a large bearing that can withstand the combined load and can withstand large axial, radial loads and overturning moments. The slewing bearing usually has a mounting hole, an internal gear or an external gear, a lubricating oil hole and a sealing device, so that the design of the main body is compact, the guiding is simple, and the maintenance is easy. Slewing bearing has four-point contact ball bearing, external gear and internal gear type four-point contact ball bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing cross cylindrical roller bearing, cross tapered roller bearing and three row cylindrical roller composite bearing four series. The inner gear of the tooth is an internal gear, usually the internal gear mechanism, and the gear on the ring gear is an internal gear. Therefore, the internal gear slewing bearing is a series of slewing bearings.


Application of internal gear


Slewing bearing with internal gear is suitable for all kinds of rotating machinery with or without eccentric load.


  • mechanical watches

Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two types: hand-chain and self-winding watches. The power source of the mechanical watch is powered by the spring in the movement, which drives the gear and pushes the hands. Manual mechanical watch, hand-wound movement, by turning the head of the watch, the main spring in the watch movement is full of strings, after the spring is completely exhausted, the gear is running and the pointer is moved. The automatic mechanical watch, the power of the self-winding movement is generated by the weight of the oscillating weight in the movement. When the arm of the watch is swayed, the oscillating weight will be driven to rotate, and at the same time, the main spring in the watch will be driven to the watch to drive the time.

  • car gearbox

Each gear has a different gear ratio, which means that the meshing of the pinion and the large gear can produce different speeds. When driving at low speed, the low gear ratio (3 gears and below), the large axle speed is lower than the engine speed, according to the formula P =FV, you can get more driving force, high speed ratio (4 gears and above), big shaft speed is higher than engine speed, lower traction to get higher speed, cut gear is to choose different size gears and big The gears of the shaft mesh.

  • variable speed bicycle

The variable speed bicycle is a kind of racing car with narrow wheels to minimize the weight of the car and make the ride light and high speed. The function of the bicycle shifting system is to change the speed of the vehicle by changing the cooperation of the chain and the different front and rear gear discs. The size of the front sprocket and the size of the rear sprocket determine the strength of the bicycle when the pedal is turned. The larger the front sprocket, the smaller the rear sprocket, the more laborious the ankle. The smaller the front sprocket, the more relaxed the ankle when the rear sprocket is larger. According to the ability of different drivers, the speed of the bicycle can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the front and rear sprocket wheels, or to deal with different road sections and road conditions.

  •  the alarm clock

The drive train transmits the energy of the prime mover to a set of drive gears of the escapement. It usually consists of a series of wheel and pinion. In the main drive, the wheel is the drive gear and the pinion is the driven gear. The tooth profile of the watch train is mostly designed.

  • water meter

The internal structure of the traditional water meter can be divided into three parts: the shell, the sleeve and the inner core from the outside to the inside. The inner core is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The upper layer is seen from the glass window, only the pointer and the dial. In fact, the most important thing is the lower layer, which has a plastic wheel on it, and there are many plastic blades on the wheel side called "impeller". The axis of the impeller reaches the middle layer vertically upwards. There is a pinion on the shaft, which is meshed with the "decimal number gear" to achieve the cumulative number of revolutions. The function of the "decimal number gear" is that every ten digits of the gear turns ten times, and the ten-digit gear turns one turn. In other words, the single digit gear turns one turn and the ten digit gear turns one tenth of a turn. The single digit gear is the active, relying on it to drive the ten-digit gear.


bearing with internal gear installation


  • Fastening

Before tightening, use an antenna gauge to check that the surface of the slewing ring is completely supported by the mounting structure. If this is not the case, the support surface of the mounting structure must be reworked. Install all fasteners and lightly tighten. Then use a properly calibrated torque wrench to tighten it to the specified value; hydraulics are desirable. The mounting bolts should be slightly oiled before tightening. When tightening the entire bolt ring, ensure a uniform tightening torque. Before the machine is finally running, check the bolt torque to check for any preload loss due to structural settling.


  • installation

The pinion should be located at approximately 90°of the main loading shaft. Adjust the drive pinion to the maximum eccentricity of the gear ring, usually 2 to 3 teeth with green or red paint. The clearance between the slewing ring gear and the pinion must be within the calculated range or at least within the 0.05x module. When several pinions are used, each pinion must be adjusted to the same condition. During the test, ensure good alignment of the pinion and the slewing ring so that all gear widths maintain a satisfactory contact. Lubricate the slewing ring gear and pinion before running.


  • Running test

After all fasteners are finally tightened: Rotate the ring at least 3 turns. Recheck the value of the gap in which the gear meshes over a full rotation. Measure the total deflection at a known load. Checkpoints should be marked. It is recommended to register these values in the machine-specific maintenance log.


For those who need to use these internal gear slewing bearings, based on these specific content, they can better understand the applications they can apply and learn more professional installation methods. After all, good parts can make a good product.



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