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What is slew drive for solar tracker used for

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Rotary drive device really appeared in the domestic market around 2006, when only one or two enterprises engaged in the production of the product, the market is mainly to meet the needs of foreign markets. In recent years, the domestic market has increased demand driven by rotation, which is mainly due to the state's investment in new energy exploitation. Rotary drive is mainly used in mechanical equipment which needs automatic tracking and positioning. During this period, it was also tried to be used in construction machinery. In the early stage, Xugong on-board crane and other units were tentatively used in engineering machinery equipment, and ultimately failed. But it has been widely used in new energy equipment, such as solar power, wind power and industrial automation. Rotary drive is mainly used in aerospace, tower crane, excavator, construction machinery, conveying machinery, elevator, high altitude operation, satellite receiving system, solar tracking system and many other industries. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of solar photovoltaic power generation industry is widely used. Next, we briefly introduce the slew drive for solar tracker and its application, hoping to help you better understand the slew drive for solar tracker.


Here are some key points:

✉ What is slew drive for solar tracker

✉ Differences between home and abroad for solar tracker

✉ Usage of slew drive for solar tracker


What is slew drive for solar tracker

Slew drive for solar tracker is widely used in solar photovoltaic power generation tracking system and other new energy industries at home and abroad because of its multi-teeth contact, large transmission torque and smooth operation, and it can withstand large radial and axial loads and strong overturning moment (wind resistance).


This type of rotary drive is very suitable for applications requiring load retention and rotating torque of the same gear box. These actuators adopt hourglass worm technology, which improves the efficiency of the actuators. The difference between ordinary technology and hourglass technology is that in the traditional worm drive system, only one gear tooth contacts the worm shaft.


Differences between home and abroad for solar tracker

1. Design Technology

In foreign countries, only data such as working condition, installation dimension requirement and rotational speed are fed into computer. CAD program automatically completes the structural design and load-carrying capacity calculation of the product, and outputs various graphics and curves at the same time. The finite element analysis method is used to simulate and analyze the load of the rotary drive. New products of foreign companies emerge in endlessly, at least more than a dozen, while there are less than 10 categories in China, so there are still many special requirements of rotary drive bearers to be imported from abroad every year.


2. Test technology

The design inspiration of rotary drive comes from a large number of experiments and practices over a long period of time, so the experimental equipment and means have been paid more attention to. There is still a lack of deep research and implementation in this field in China, and equipment such as life test, temperature rise test, bolt strength test and gear tooth strength test should be gradually improved.


3. Quality Control

There is still a big gap between domestic production plants and international level. There are almost no full-time inspectors in foreign production workshops. However, all kinds of inspection data are accurate and reliable, and the transmission is very timely. Many advanced testing instruments, such as non-destructive testing, Three-coordinate Measurement and so on, are not available yet, so the domestic quality control level is low.


4. Technology

CNC machine tools have been widely used in foreign rotary drive manufacturers for processing. Its advantages are greatly simplified process, small rotary drive, reduced clamping frequency, avoided processing and measurement errors, greatly shortened production cycle, rotary drive, guaranteed the assembly rate of inner and outer rings, and improved product quality qualification rate. Because of the use of CNC machine tools, it provides conditions for drawing-free operation on site. Computer systems are networked to realize on-site operation and management from product contract to product design (CAD), process planning (CAPP) and CNC machine tools. The whole operation process is very efficient. In addition, foreign manufacturers in heat treatment, raceway processing and other processes have many unique features.


Usage of slew drive for solar tracker

The main applications of solar tracker slew drive are as follows:


(1) Flat-panel photovoltaic power generation in photovoltaic field and CPV system under 500 times;


(2) Parabolic tracking in photothermal field (such as solar cooker, high temperature solar heating, solar thermal chemical industry, etc.);


(3) Solar trough collector;


(4) solar tower thermoelectricity, etc.


Of course, this kind of rotary drive has other applications to be developed.


To sum up, this is a brief introduction to the solar tracker slew drive. Of course, there are more aspects waiting for us to discover. In the process of choosing solar tracker slew drive , if you have any questions, please consult us. We are happy to answer any questions about solar trackers and other rotary drives.


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