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What should you consider when you buy a slewing bearing?

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Nowadays, science and technology are developing rapidly, especially the development of industry. The rapid development of industry is dependent on the support of any device, and there are a lot of things to pay attention to in the purchase of industrial devices.  Slewing bearing is very common in our production and application, and toothless slewing bearing is also in people's view. Here's what should you consider when you buy a slewing bearing

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Here are the main points of the article:

  • What should you consider when you buy a slewing bearing?

  • Slewing bearing purchase considerations


1.What should you consider when you buy a slewing bearing?

(1) Selection of slewing bearing model: slewing bearing model is generally selected by the technical personnel of the user according to the conditions of use and bearing load of the supporting products. The business personnel mainly understand whether the actual load of the user is consistent with the slewing bearing selected.  If the slewing bearing does not meet the usage requirements, the customer should be advised to change the model as soon as possible. 

(2) Selection of slewing bearing bearing: when customers buy slewing bearing, they will generally only inform them of the type and grade of the bearing and rarely make demands on the bearing.  Business personnel must ask about the conditions of use of the bearing, among which the rotational speed, temperature and fit tolerance of the bearing are directly related to the choice of the bearing bearing. Generally, motors with a speed below 3500 RPM mostly use CM clearance, and relatively large clearance is required for high temperature and high speed motors. After assembly, the slewing bearing bearing will decrease due to the expansion of the inner bore and the reduction of the outer circle.  The reduction of the bearing is equal to the surplus ×60%(except for the aluminum bearing). For example, the clearance before slewing bearing assembly is 0. 01mm, and the amount of interference during assembly is 0. 01mm, so the clearance after slewing bearing assembly is 0. 004mm. Theoretically, when slewing bearing is at zero clearance, both noise and life span are in the best state, but considering temperature rise and other issues in practical operation, slewing bearing is better when the clearance is 0. 002mm-0. 004mm after assembly. 

(3) Selection of seal type of slewing bearing: the lubrication of slewing bearing can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil lubricated slewing bearing is generally in the form of slewing bearing, grease lubricated slewing bearing is generally in the dust cover or rubber seal seal. Dust cover is suitable for high temperature or good use environment, sealing parts are divided into contact seal and non-contact seal, contact seal dust performance is good but the starting torque is large, non-contact seal starting torque is small, but the sealing performance is not as good as the contact seal. 

(4) Selection of grease: the selection of grease is generally based on slewing bearing's speed, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque, etc. , which requires business personnel to have a good understanding of the performance of various oils and fats. 

(5) Of course, the use of slewing bearing should also focus on the daily issues of slewing bearing, and it is about the same to understand the use of slewing bearing.  Only by understanding each part of slewing bearing, can we make better use of the slewing bearing efficiency and extend the service life of slewing bearing. 


2. Slewing bearing purchase considerations

(1) Social network is very developed, now in the purchase of slewing bearing when you'll be in advance of slewing bearing do a detailed understanding, no matter you are access to books, data, or go to check on the network, all need to pay attention to the slewing bearing's data, such as price, size, specification, only remember some data in time to buy more time appear more professional. You still can use the problem that oneself know to test a businessman, will judge a businessman is formal.  

(2) Shop around. When you shop around, you don't have to compare products from every vendor.  You do, but you do need to know what works best for you. slewing bearing on the market now is either domestically produced or imported, which is generally expensive. And now China's science and technology development is also very fast, independent research and development of large products in technology is no words, and the price is very affordable, more suitable for the public consumers.  

(3) In fact, no matter what type of slewing bearing you buy, the most important thing is to know what you need.  No matter what industry you are in, there are many types of goods, both good and bad. 

I hope that through this introduction, you understand the considerations when buying slewing bearing.  If you need slewing bearing, please contact us. 

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