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Window cleaner used slewing ring bearing

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In the past, for cleaning of high-rise buildings, large rope hanging boards were generally used for manual cleaning, which was unsafe and uncivilized. With the continuous improvement, manual cleaning of large rope hangers will eventually be banned, and window cleaners are the safest, practical and efficient special equipment for high-altitude operations.


Window cleaners and main institutions

The window cleaner is generally mainly composed of a running mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a boom rotation mechanism, a boom telescoping mechanism, a platform rotation mechanism, and a jacking / tilting mechanism.

1) Window cleaner running mechanism (if any)

The operation is driven by a motor that drives two reduction mechanisms (each on its own side). The motor uses power failure braking to ensure that the trolley stops running when the power is off.

2) Window cleaner lifting mechanism (if any)

The lifting mechanism is composed of a lifting motor, a speed reducer, a lifting wire rope drum, a backup brake and a wire rope guide wheel. The motor drives the reducer drum mechanism. When the motor loses power, the motor braking device can immediately stop the motor from rotating.

3) Window cleaner boom rotation mechanism (if available)

The rotation of the boom is composed of a slewing bearing and a motor reducer. When the motor rotates, the reducer gear drives the slewing bearing to rotate and the boom immediately rotates. The motor uses a brake motor and a track-type window cleaner. When the power is cut off, the drive immediately stops.


4) Window cleaner boom telescopic mechanism (if any)

The telescopic arm is composed of a fixed arm and a movable arm. The fixed arm is composed of a boom telescopic mechanism and a motor drive. When working, the gear reducer of the motor drives the rack under the movable arm to complete the telescopic movement. The motor is a brake motor. When the power is cut off, the drive immediately stops.

5) Window cleaner boom turning mechanism (if available)

The rotation of the platform consists of a slewing bearing and a motor reducer. When the motor rotates, the reducer gear drives the slewing bearing to rotate, and the platform immediately rotates with it. The motor is a motor with a brake. When the power is cut off, the drive stops immediately.


6) Lifting (pitching) mechanism (if any)

The window cleaning machine lifting (pitch) mechanism is divided into hydraulic drive and screw rod drive. For high-rise window cleaning machine manufacturers, the hydraulic lifting mechanism consists of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic control systems. The screw rod lifting (pitch) mechanism is driven by a reduction motor. It is composed of the transmission wire mother component and the window cleaner starts to work after being lifted (raised).

7) Glass lifting mechanism (if any)

The glass lifting device is installed at the rotation center of the boom head or the side of the boom. The steel wire rope is stowed in the rope drum at the rear, and the window cleaner, the rope drum is fully closed is controlled by a limit switch.

8) Rail clamp (if available)

Rail clamp: It refers to two clamp clamps clamped on both sides of the track, so that the trolley will not move due to excessive wind speed when it is in the parking position.

9) Attachments


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