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slewing bearing manufacturer spain

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The construction machinery slewing bearing manufacturer spain market is highly personalized, and different applications and usage requirements have different requirements for the structure and function of the same type of product. The slewing bearing manufacturer spain is generally an important part of various crawler type construction machinery. Its design strength and dynamic characteristics will directly affect the working performance and safety of the whole machine. In the construction machinery industry, the slewing bearing device is expensive and difficult to replace and repair. Therefore, the early failure of slewing bearing manufacturer spain is a failure phenomenon that the production enterprise and the user cannot accept.

The quality of slewing bearing

Industry statistics show that 90% of early failures of slewing bearing manufacturer spain slewing bearings are caused by broken teeth. There are two main types of broken teeth: one is bending fatigue fracture, and the other is overload breaking. The main cause of fatigue fracture is that the dynamic load of the transmission system is too large, and the overload fracture is usually caused by the impact load of short-term severe overload, so that the stress of the gear teeth exceeds its ultimate stress. In addition, severe load concentration and excessive dynamic load may cause overload fracture. From the design point of view, the current selection of slewing bearing manufacturer spain is based on static selection calculation based on empirical knowledge, it is difficult to meet the specific requirements of individual chemical conditions.

slewing bearing process

Domestic and foreign scholars have carried out related research in the fields of gear dynamics, slewing bearing loading, slewing bearing fault diagnosis technology, gear deformation factors and life analysis, and have achieved many results. However, most of the researches do not start from the individualized actual working conditions of the slewing bearing. From the design point of view, the selection of the slewing bearing and the optimization design of the gear design parameters make it difficult to fundamentally solve the problem of broken teeth of the slewing bearing.

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