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slewing ring alternatives

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When you make a slewing ring alternatives scheme,we need to take the following factors:


1.Slewing accuracy
When the mechanism requires high precision for the precise positioning of the bearing, the cross roller slewing bearing is usually selected.

2.Carrying capacity
When you do
slewing ring alternatives scheme,load capacity is the most important factor that determine the size of the bearing. Generally, the four-point contact ball slewing bearing can withstand heavy radial loads and impact loads, so it is suitable for heavy loads and the magnitude and direction of the load may change. The occasion.

3.Working temperature
In most cases, the allowable operating temperature of the slewing ring depends primarily on the grease, the spacer and the sealing material. In general, the slewing ring allows an operating temperature range of -25 to + 70 °C. If the slewing ring is required to operate outside of the reference temperature, please contact our engineers.

For applications involving vibration, preloaded four-point contact ball slewing bearings and crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings are suitable.

5.Running speed
The four-point contact ball slewing bearing produces less friction than the crossed cylindrical roller slewing ring and has a higher limit speed.

When you consider the above factors, you can develop a suitable slewing ring alternatives


slewing ring alternatives

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