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Different types of slew drive

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Slewing drive is a kind of all-circumferential deceleration transmission mechanism which integrates driving power source. It uses rotary bearing as driving follower and mechanism attachment. By attaching the driving part, driving source and cover on one ring of the inner and outer rings of the rotary bearing, the other ring is regarded as both driving follower and connecting base of the driven working parts. It is the characteristic of the circumferential rotary connector itself. It is equipped with driving power source and main transmission parts efficiently, which makes it a universal deceleration transmission mechanism with the functions of rotation, deceleration and drive, simple structure and convenient manufacture and maintenance. The following article briefly introduces different types of slew drive and their applications, hoping to help you better understand the slew drive.


The main points of the analysis are as follows:

✉ What is slew drive

✉ Different types of slew drive

✉ Application of slew drive


What is rotary drive

Slew drive device is a gear box, which can safely bear radial and axial loads and transfer rotating torque. Rotation can be done on a single axis or on multiple axes. Rotary ring actuators are manufactured by manufacturing gears, bearings, seals, shells, motors and other auxiliary components and assembling them into finished gearboxes. Slew drive uses precise motion to provide a large proportion of single-stage gear transmission. Bearings and gears are assembled into a small, stand-alone and ready-to-install housing to optimize weight and performance. These highly adaptable products also have strong impact resistance, long life performance, smooth rotation, bearing protection and sealing drive options.


Different types of rotary drive

1. According to the type of variable speed drive of slew drive, it can be divided into gear-type slew drive and worm-type slew drive , inheriting the respective characteristics of gear drive and worm-gear drive. These two kinds of slew drive can adapt to the application of medium-high speed and low-speed respectively. In terms of load-bearing capacity, worm-wheel drive is better than gear-type, and when envelope worm drive is used, its performance is better than that of gear-worm drive. The load-carrying capacity, anti-deformation capacity and transmission rigidity are further improved, but the efficiency of worm-gear slew drive is inferior to that of gear slew drive .


2.  According to the open distinction of slew drive pair mechanism, rotary drive can be divided into open and closed type. Usually, open type structure is mostly used in applications where the environment is too harsh and the maintenance cycle is short. Open type structure is more convenient for inspection, maintenance and maintenance of machine parts, and also more convenient for replacement. Closed structures can provide a longer maintenance life cycle when the environmental conditions are not changed much and the level of environmental pollution is below the medium level.


Application of slew drive

Rotary drive can be used in any situation that requires full circumferential rotation and variable speed . Rotary drive is the best solution when it is necessary to achieve greater torque power transmission, higher precision motion transmission or mechanism selection with higher requirement of compact body structure.


The more common application occasions are the engineering and construction machinery's circumferential rotation structure, solar energy, wind energy and all kinds of long-term running automatic tracking machinery. Because of the compact structure, short transmission chain, it is easier to achieve higher accuracy and digital control, so it is also widely used in the field of industrial robots.


Whole-cycle slew drive is a traditional and mature technology, but as an integrated structure, rotary drive is relatively novel. The improvement of integration degree not only brings many advantages in application, but also creates many conveniences for manufacture and use. However, how to improve the accuracy and durability of this structure and further expand its application field is the need for design, manufacture and users to practice. We are constantly exploring the important tasks of improvement and development.If you have any questions about slewing drive in the process of choosing and purchasing, you are welcome to consult us.

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