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14 Inch Dual Worm Slewing Drive for Construction Machinery

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Double drive sleiwng drive for Construction Machinery

  • SE14-2

The dual worm slewing drive is a new type of rotary product, usually called a slewing bearing, which is usually composed of a worm, a slewing ring, a case, a motor and the like. Since the core components are slewing bearings, they can simultaneously withstand axial forces, radial forces, and tipping moments. Compared with the traditional rotary products, the dual axis slew drive has the characteristics of simple installation, easy maintenance and more installation space saving. Slewing drives are mainly used in aerospace, tower cranes, excavators, construction machinery, conveyor machinery, elevators, aerial work, satellite receiving systems, solar tracking systems and many other industries.

Three advantages of rotary drive:

Due to the high integration of the slewing drive, the user does not have to purchase and process each component constituting the rotating device one by one, which also reduces the preparation process at the beginning of the production to a certain extent, thereby greatly improving labor productivity.


The worm gear drive has the characteristics of reverse self-locking, which can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm wheel can only be driven by the worm, and the worm wheel can not be driven by the worm wheel. This feature makes the rotary drive widely used in lifting, aerial work and other equipment. While improving the technical content of the mainframe, it also greatly improves the stability of the main machine and the safety factor of the operation. Compared with traditional rotary products, the slewing drive is easy to install, easy to maintain, and saves installation space.

Below is the assembly processs of slewing drive:JG4A9270

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