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Wind Power Industry Promotes Development of Wind power Bearing Market

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Wind power bearing is a special kind of bearing, specially used in the assembly process of wind power equipment. The products involved mainly include yaw bearing, pitch bearing, main shaft bearing, gearbox bearing and generator bearing. Because wind power equipment itself has the characteristics of harsh use environment, high maintenance cost and long life, the wind power bearings used also have high technical complexity and have certain development barriers.


As the core component of wind turbines, its market development is closely related to the wind power industry. In recent years, as countries around the world have paid more and more attention to issues such as energy security, ecological environment, and climate change, the development of the wind power industry has become a global consensus and concerted action to promote the development of energy transformation and respond to global climate change. Of course, our country is no exception. According to relevant data released by the National Energy Administration, my country's installed wind power capacity reached 209.94GW, accounting for 32.24% of the world's cumulative wind power installed capacity, ranking first in the world for ten consecutive years. With the rapid development of my country's wind power industry, the market demand for wind power bearings continues to expand.


From the perspective of the market structure, my country’s wind power bearing industry has shown a sustained development trend, and has gradually formed a certain scale of industrial clusters in China, mostly concentrated in the traditional bearing processing and manufacturing bases in Henan, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other places. Regional characteristics. Among them, the wind power bearing manufacturing enterprises in Henan Province are mainly concentrated in Luoyang, including LYC bearings, Axial Research Technology Co., Ltd., and Xinqianglian Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. However, although the number of companies in the wind power bearing market in my country has increased significantly compared with before, due to the high technical barriers and capital barriers in the industry, their growth rate is slow, and the production capacity of local companies is small, resulting in insufficient market supply. Therefore, the external The degree of dependence is high.


Industry analysts said that as the core components of wind turbines, wind power bearings are closely related to the development of the wind power industry. In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of national favorable policies, my country's wind power installed capacity has continued to expand, which has further stimulated the domestic wind power industry's application demand for core components such as bearings. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the production capacity of my country's local wind power bearing enterprises is not high, and the market competition of domestic bearings is not strong, resulting in a high degree of dependence on imported products in the industry, and there is huge room for domestic substitution in the future.

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