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Slewing bearing clearance

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Slewing ring bearing installed in a wide variety of applications,but for some of machine the bearing clearance and precision is required.However,XZWD slewing bearing clearance and precision is best for the machine and work very well.


Slewing bearing precision stardand

1. The precision of the slewing bearing gear is 10GK GB10095-88, and the gear runout is 0-0.45mm; (other requirements for tooth quenching);

2. raceway quenching HRC55-62, quenching layer depth 3-4mm, no cracks;

3. Technical requirements for slewing bearing are not required to implement JB/T 10839-2008 slewing bearing standard;

4. The raceway structure is executed 39.688G60 steel ball size;

5. The axial and radial clearance of the slewing bearing is 0.08-0.25mm.

6. The mounting holes are not marked with chamfered ends at 1.0*45°;

7. Material quenching and tempering treatment HB207-262;

slewing bearing drawing

Slewing bearing clearance and precision

The play of the slewing bearing is divided into an axial gap and a radial gap according to different measurement directions. It is also an important inspection item for the inner and outer rings of the bearing radial clearance group, the basis of the important national standards of the rolling element group and other technical requirements for the specified technical quality. From the perspective of bearing applications, satisfactory performance depends to a large extent on the availability of their radial clearance bearings. The bearing clearance from design and use can be divided into: design clearance, original clearance, clearance of installation clearance.


After the bearing assembly clearance is reached, the original clearance, clearance and variation, in the installation of the host, the so-called installation clearance (or called the fit clearance), in the actual operation process is called the clearance work of the clearance work. The working of the bearing, internal and external causes of temperature changes in the temperature rise, resulting in a reduction in the installation clearance, while the load is applied to the rolling elements and the ferrule is elastically deformed and will increase the clearance. In the case of a ship installation clearance with a slightly larger working gap, in order to obtain a satisfactory performance, you should choose an appropriate clearance.

slewing bearing cutaway drawing

The impact of the slewing bearing clearance on the slewing bearing work


1. The role and requirements of the slewing bearing clearance. There is a play in the slewing bearing to ensure that the bearing can be operated flexibly and without block, but it is also required to ensure stable bearing operation. Effective working clearance is one of the necessary and preconditions for securing precision bearings.


2. The clearance during the operation of the bearing is also called the size of the working clearance, which has an impact on the fatigue life, temperature rise, noise, vibration and other properties of the precision bearing. When selecting the clearance of the bearing, it is generally appropriate to make the working clearance zero or slightly positive. The clearance is too small and it is easy to have the effects of lock, noise, temperature rise and vibration.


3. It is worth mentioning that the working clearance after the bearing is installed is smaller than the original clearance before installation, because the bearing has to bear a certain load rotation, and the elastic deformation caused by the bearing fit and load. Also, at the time of design, considering the factors of thermal expansion (loading), there is enough space reserved to prevent the lock and intentionally left. Therefore, the play must be reserved.


4, factory process control, CNC fine grinding processing, and then carry out the combined process, achieved by a fine grinding process of 0.001-0.003mm.


5. When the bearing is not mounted on the shaft or the bearing housing, the one of the inner ring or the outer ring is fixed, and then the unmoved one moves in the radial or axial direction. According to the direction of movement, it can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance. The role of the bearing clearance and the required clearance in the bearing is to ensure that the bearing can be operated flexibly and without block, but at the same time it is required to ensure the smooth running of the bearing, the axis of the bearing does not significantly settle, and the number of rolling bodies that bear the load is exhausted. There may be more. Therefore, the bearing clearance has a great influence on the dynamic performance (noise, vibration and friction) of the bearing and the rotation accuracy, and the bearing capacity of the service life (wear and fatigue).


How does XZWD improve the accuracy of the slewing bearing?


1. Strict production inspection process, from the raw material procurement to the inspection income library, all the quality inspection personnel track and monitor, from the source, check the layers to ensure product quality.


2. XZWD slewing bearing, equipped with more advanced high-precision production equipment in the country, the workers master skilled, comprehensive strength, brand slewing bearing production enterprises, trustworthy.


3. XZWD slewing bearing, the company's every link is equipped with sophisticated production equipment, blades, drills are selected products of well-known brands, the products produced have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

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