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How to maintain slewing drive?

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Only in strict compliance with the correct operating procedures to ensure the operation characteristics of slewing drive. The following article contains the information required for proper maintenance of the slewing driver, and all of the following work steps require professional action. Failure to comply will affect the durability of the bolt connection, the function and service life of the slewing drive.


  • Transport, handling and storage 

  • Installation and maintenance of slewing drive

  • Slowdown motors 


Transport, handling and storage 

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During transportation, please keep the slewing drive packing box in the prescribed direction to avoid impact and bumps; wear working gloves and operate carefully when moving; the slewing drive generally has threaded holes in the inner and outer rings, which can ensure the safe handling means of lifting device. 


Please keep the slewing drive packing box in the prescribed direction during storage, store in the closed room, do not contact with water to avoid moisture, in the closed packaging, the surface corrosion-proof, rust-proof can be maintained for about 5 months, if need longer storage, please take special protective measures.


Installation and maintenance of slewing drive 

  • Installation preparation 

1. Check the slewing drive for physical damage; 

2. Cleaning slewing drive and connecting bracket; 

3. Clean up the impurities on the support surface.

  • Please clean the anti-rust oil on the slewing drive mounting surface as follows: 

1. Clean the outside of the mounting surface with cleaning liquid (e.g. diesel oil, gasoline, etc.), the cleaning liquid can not damage the performance of rubber seals;

2. Please comply with the use of cleaning liquid regulations (such as: producer regulations, staff protection, environmental protection, etc.). 

  • When installing, the positioning bolt of slewing drive can not be loosened, and the shipping bolt is removed before installation. 

  • Bolt selection

1. Please select bolt specification, model and performance grade correctly. Bolt level not less than 10.9;

2. Bolt screw hole length is generally 2 times the nominal diameter of bolts; 

3. Bolts are not allowed to spin out of the outside of the screw hole, otherwise it will interfere and damage the machine parts.

4. If not, it may affect the performance, service life and tensile strength of rotary reducer bolt connection. Use a suitable high-strength washer if the contact stress on the permitted mounting surface is exceeded. 

  • · Installation of slewing drive 

1. Clean mounting bracket, remove welding slag, zinc plating residue, etc. 

2. The support and slewing drive shall be fixed with bolts and shall be provided with flat washers and spring washers at the bolt head; 

3. The slewing drive shall be installed without load. 

Slowdown motors 

1. A standard 24 V DC deceleration motor; Clean the mounting surface; 

2. Tighten motor and motor adjusting block; 

3. Then tighten the motor adjusting block and base; 

4. power the deceleration motor and check the steering. If not the desired steering, swap the two power cord adjustments. 

5. Rotate the motor without load, make sure it rotates smoothly. once can not rotate normally, please check the circuit system, connecting shaft, slewing drive.

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