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Technology prospect of slewing drive

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Special slewing deceleration products derived from slewing bearing products, high height, large deceleration ratio, simple structure, easy to use and maintain in the slewing drive process. The inner and outer rings of the slewing bearing are used because the slewing bearing is used as the base of the follower and the frame. The input and output of the driving force are realized separately, so the slewing drive can not only realize 360 degree whole circle rotation without dead point, but also can install the driving power source on the basis of the slewing support frame, so its transmission efficiency is high and it is a mechanical transmission device. New members. Because it is actually a reducer, it can also be called a rotary reducer, a slewing disc reducer or a drive turntable.


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· Different forms of slewing drive classification

· Technical application of slewing drive

· Selection guide for slewing drive


Different forms of slewing drive classification

According to the different transmission forms, the slewing drive can be divided into two types: gear drive and worm gear drive. According to the closed form of the transmission pair, it can be divided into open and closed types. The simplest form of slewing drive is used in excavators, tower cranes, etc. The drive turntable on the construction machinery product, as the last link of the deceleration transmission chain, this slewing drive is an open gear transmission, and its front end also needs to be equipped with a planetary reducer with a large reduction ratio as its power input, so it can only be called a "reducer. ".


Technical application of slewing drive

In order to expand the scope of application of these products and further improve the convenience of product use and maintenance, the slewing drive with integrated worm gear drive was developed for the prototype of the slewing drive. It is also applied to such products. The slewing drive equipped with an envelope worm not only increases the driving torque, but also further improves the driving accuracy, and can also be digitally controlled. Therefore, it is widely used in tracking and fine-tuning devices on solar and wind power generation equipment In addition, it has good application effects in the fields of robots, radar, low-speed heavy-duty lifting, lifting equipment, precision CNC turntables and other products.


Slewing drive Selection guide

Users need to choose the slewing drive products according to their own application requirements and usage environment.

Generally, the closed structure is used in the environment of wet, medium dust or corrosive gas, and the environment that has strict environmental requirements and does not allow grease leakage. The enclosed environment can effectively prevent impurities from entering the main body of the slewing drive and improve the life of the machine; however, if there is too much dust in the environment, the sealing parts used as seals will accelerate wear and quickly fail. At this time, the closed environment is not convenient for maintenance and parts replacement. It is more appropriate to use an open structure and choose tooth hardening to improve the durability of the machine. In addition, the open structure is easy to remove impurities. If it can be used and maintained well, its life will not necessarily be shorter than that of the closed structure. In the product selection process, all factors must be considered.

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