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CCS Certificated Ball Bearing Turntables And Slewing Rings with External Gear for Harbour Machinery

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High precision turntable slewing ring bearing without gear for rotating machinery offered by China manufacturer XZWD. Buy High precision turntable slewing ring bearing without gear for rotating machinery directly with low price and high quality.A slewing bearing or slew[ing] ring is a rotational rolling-element bearing or plain bearing that typically supports a heavy but slow-turning or slow-oscillating load, often a horizontal platform such as a conventional crane, a swing yarder, or the wind-facing platform of a horizontal-axis windmill. (To "slew" means to turn without change of place.) Compared to other rolling-element bearings, slewing bearings are thin in section and are often made in diameters of a metre or more; the slewing bearings on the Falkirk Wheel are 4 metres diameter and fit over a 3.5 metre axle. Slewing bearings resemble oversize aircraft control surface bearings.
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Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd. is a slewing bearing manufacturer specializing in standard and non-standard slewing bearing.Over the years, we supplied high quality product & good service to every user and gain good credit.We have strict quality control system in our own factory,meanwhile, we have passed ISO9001-2008 Quality System Certification and JG/T66-1999, JG/T67-1999, JG/T68-1999, JB/T2300-1999 with our country’s engineering & machinery standards. XZWD team is committed to keep the spirit of continuous improvement and focus our strategy of strict quality control standards, quick response, prompt delivery and low price.We look forward to working on all of our customers' growing demands. Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will assist you throughout the design, manufacturing and implementation process.


Ball Slewing Bearing is composed of 2 seat rings.It features compact in design,and light in weight.The balls contact with the circular race at four points,via which the axial force,radial force and resultant moment may be born simultaneously.
It may be used for slewing conveyer, welding arms and positioners,light,medium duty cranes,excavators and other engineering machines.

Product available including: Single and Double Row Ball, Three Row Roller, Cross Roller Sealed and Unsealed Internal Geared, External Geared and Non-Geared Clearance or Preloaded


--We respected for our quality and cost effective

--We provide custom bearing designs that meet specific customer requirements

-- Timely reply.Quotes are turned around in 24 to 48 hours

Product type:

1.Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearings.

2.Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearings

3Double Row Ball Slewing Bearings

4.Three Row Roller Slewing Bearings

5.Thin Section Slewing bearings(Light type).

6.Thin Section Slewing Bearings (Flange type)


.jpg          .jpg

Single Row Four Point Contact Type Slewing Bearing                   Single Row Crossed Roller Type Slewing Bearing.

.jpg                 .jpg

Double Row Ball Type Slewing Bearing                                                           Three Row Roller Type Slewing Bearing

.jpg    Ball and Roller Combination Type Slewing Bearing.


wind generator, Marine Crane, Offshore Crane,Harbor mobile crane, Ferris wheel,stacker,Unloader,Construction Machinery,Ladle turret,shield machine,radar and so on



1. We can supply various size slewing ring bearings.

2. Type: Non-teeth, internal teeth, external teeth

3. Diameter range: 200mm-----4500mm, Weight range: 20kg--------5100kg

4. Design and manufacture according to customer needs, OEM bearing.

5. High quality bearing, competitive price, prompt delivery and best services.


ISO9001:2008, SGS, CCS


Raw material:

50Mn, 42CrMo


Raceway hardening:



Gear hardening:







1 year

Medium Cranes slewing rings


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