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Crane Four-point Contact Ball Bearing with Deformable Swing Bearing

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The four-point contact ball bearings are radial single row angular contact ball bearings featuring raceways that can handle axial loads acting in both directions. A limited radial load can be supported for a given axial load.

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The four-point-contact ball bearing is a single row angular contact bearings designed to handle two-directional axial loading. These bearings require a minimum amount of space and can be custom designed to meet our customer's unique loading parameters. And the four-point-contact ball bearings can carry either pure axial loading or combined loading provided the axial component is more significant.

For heavy industrial requirements, this style of bearing can be designed as a large slewing ring bearing with bolted down races and internal or external integral gearing.

slewing bearings have been widely used instead of original bearings. Construction machinery is the initial application of single row ball slewing bearing is also the most widely used places, such as earth-moving machinery, excavators, dismantling machines, heap picking machines, graders, rollers, tamping machines, rock drilling machines, boring machines Truck Crane and so on.


As supplied slewing rings are generally packed for storage in a covered store and for a period not

exceeding 6 months. Light surface corrosion can usually be removed from exterior surfaces – and it is more important that the raceways are well greased and rust free. Standard commercial solvents can be used to degrease the slewing ring if necessary.

In extreme cases after long term storage bearings may need professionally reconditioning before

installation.When unwrapping, care must be taken not to cut and damage the integral seals.

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