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Hot Sales OEM Single Row Ball Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing Replacement of Rotek Brand

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Large diameters and thin sections are the main characteristics of this application. These particular bearings require strict process control. The Rollix Slew Bearings are very well-known in the world to accept the highest rotating speed and to control the temperature during working 24 hours a day. Our quality gives a very low level of maintenance. Xuzhou Wanda slewing rings manufacture millions of bottles all around the world everyday.
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Rotek offers a unique combina-tion of experience and technol-ogy in designing large-diameter slewing rings and seamless rolled rings. We’ve designed and manufactured thousands of slewing rings and rolled rings for a wide array of application requirements.

four point contact ball slewing bearing replacement of Rotek brand

Our extensive experience ecombined with the use of sophisticated CAD/CAM technol-ogy enables us to accurately predict final product capabilities and performance. Our unique design capability is available on a no-charge basis to assist you and your prospects during the slewing ring specification process. Our team of application and design engineers can perform a preliminary design evaluation based on your particular application require-ments. This comprehensive analysis includes a study of slewing ring design parameters,static and dynamic load capacities, bolted joint design and gear design parameters,just to name a few.

 ball slewing bearing replacement of Rotek brand

Large slewing ring production begins in our 180,000 square foot rolling mill facilities. Our rolling mills utilize advanced production technologies andequipment, including state-of-the-art presses and rolling mills, complete heat treating capabilities and value-added machining operations,as well as modern quality assur-ance and testing procedures.Slewing ring production then continues at our slewing ring manufacturing facilities, located in Florence, Kentucky and Aurora, Ohio. Each facility utilizes advanced CNC control technology, CAD/CAM technology and Total Quality Management disciplines to machine and assemble slewing rings to the highest quality standards.Worldwide Support As an affiliate of Rothe-Erde,service is available virtually anywhere. With service facilities located in Germany, Brazil, Italy, Japan, China,India, Spain and Great Britain,our trouble-shooting network is ready to solve any ring problem you or your customer might have – wherever it may occur.Total Quality Management Rotek’s Quality Assurance system has been certified by Det Norske Veritas, a leading registrar, as complying with ISO 9001, and ISO 9002. This TQM program and a continuous improvement policy keep our quality standards and procedures among the highest in the industry. Quality directs all aspects of our business, from procurement, to design and process control, to inspec-tion and testing, to training and record keeping, to service and installation. Our commitment to quality assures our customers that the slewing rings we produce will perform well in their most challenging applications.

single row ball four point contact ball slewing bearing replacement of Rotek brand

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