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Small Diameter Light Slewing Bearing Raw Material Materials for Replacement of INA VLA 20 0414 N

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The four-point contact ball bearings are radial single row angular contact ball bearings featuring raceways that can handle axial loads acting in both directions. A limited radial load can be supported for a given axial load.
  • VLA 20 0414 N
  • Wanda
  • 8482800000

INA slewing rings are also known worldwide as premium products in the field of rolling bearing technology. These machine elements have proved themselves many times over; they have high load carrying capacity, a versatile range of applications and are highly cost-effective. Due to their design, a single bearing can reliably support radial,axial and tilting moment loads. It is therefore possible in many cases to replace bearing arrangements comprising a combination of radial and axial bearings by a single bearing. This reduces, in some cases considerably, the costs and work required in the design of the adjacent construction and the fitting of bearings.

light slewing bearing external gear for replacement of INA VLA 20 0414 N

Slewing rings are sealed on both sides, lubricated with a high quality grease, can be relubricated via lubrication nipples and are particularly easy to fit. The bearing rings are supplied without gear teeth or,in order to achieve simple drive solutions, are available with external or internal gear teeth.

INA slewing rings are designed as:

■ four point contact bearings
– these slewing rings without preload are robust and proven
under very demanding operation; they place only slight demands
on the flatness and perpendicularity of the adjacent construction
– they are suitable for applications with low requirements for
accuracy and rigidity of the bearing arrangement, for example in
simple metalworking machines, wind power equipment and
construction machinery

Small Diameter Light Slewing Bearing External Gear for Replacement of INA VLA 20 0414 N

■ crossed roller bearings
– these preloaded slewing rings can support higher loads than
four point contact bearings. They have proved themselves
particularly where bearings are subjected to high radial forces
and moderate axial and tilting moment loads
– they are suitable for applications with uniform running free from
stick-slip, low rotational resistance and high requirements for axial
and radial runout accuracy and rigidity, for example in robots,
handling systems and machine tools.
Catalogue 404 presented here gives comprehensive information
on the reorganised standard range of these slewing rings.
Any information in editions that does not concur with the information
is this edition is therefore invalid.

Small Diameter light slewing bearing external gear for replacement of INA

Influences on the operating life of slewing rings.The operating life is defined as the life actually achieved by a
slewing ring. This can deviate significantly from the calculated basic rating life due to wear and/or fatigue.
Possible causes include:
■ oscillating bearing motion with very small swivel angles –
false brinelling
■ vibration while the bearing is stationary
■ unsuitable design or deformation of the adjacent
■ excessively high operating temperatures
■ incorrect maintenance or lubrication
■ contamination
■ incorrect fitting
■ preload of the fixing screws.
Due to the variety of installation and operating conditions,it is not possible to precisely predetermine the operating life.The most reliable way of arriving at a close estimate is by comparison with similar applications.

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