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Hot Sale Four-point Contact Rolling Element Ball Slewing bearing friction coefficient

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The four-point contact ball bearings are radial single row angular contact ball bearings featuring raceways that can handle axial loads acting in both directions. A limited radial load can be supported for a given axial load.

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The slewing ring working temperature is normally from -300C to +700C. If the user needs to adapt to the lower or higher temperature slewing bearing, our company can carry out special design. Slewing bearings can be used in particularly harsh such as maritime climate, dust or abrasive particles, sand, cement, coal powder, etc. Special seals, guards, and suitable oil passages must be used. Therefore, in order to make your support work properly, you want to do daily maintenance and maintenance work.

Hot Sale Four-point Contact Rolling Element Ball Slewing Bearing for Ferris Wheel

For slewing bearing environment, the mounting surface should be smooth and clean, removing all superfluous material such as paint residue, welding beads, burrs, etc.Care should be taken not to let the solvent infiltrate into the rotary support during cleaning. Do not use solvents that damage sealing materials.The mounting surface should be dry and free of lubricant before assembly.Measures should be taken to protect workers and the environment.

In order to avoid partial overload of rotating support caused by unevenness of mounting plane or bearing deformation, the circumferential flatness error can only be undulated once within any 180 degree range, and the change is gentle.

A suitable Slew Drive is selected iteratively. For a pre-selected Slew Drive, (e.g. WD-L 0478/3-04995), an operation load point is calculated depending on external loading, the application service factor and the raceway diameter DL

Loading is permissible for raceway and bolt connection, provided that the operating point lies below the limiting load line of a preselected Slew Drive.

If the operation load point lies above the corresponding limiting load line, a Slew Drive with higher power rating must be selected, for which the limiting load line lies above the current operation load line. For the newly selected size, the operation load point must be calculated again and the permissibility of the new operation load point must be verified against the limiting load line. On the contrary, if the operating load point also lies below the limiting load line of a smaller size, then, for this size, permissibility of the newly calculated operating point can be verified within the limiting load diagram.

Please check the weight of the ring to ensure slings and/or chains are of sufficient capacity!Shock loads, especially in the radial direction, must be avoided as this may damage the raceways.If stacked on a pallet then care must be taken not to dislodge seal strips or grease fittings during movement. Wooden or rubber spacers would be of benefit between each bearing.

Four-point Contact Rolling Element Ball Slewing Bearing

External gearteeth (especially) should be protected from any impact damage.

As supplied slewing rings are generally packed for storage in a covered store and for a period not exceeding 6 months. Light surface corrosion can usually be removed from exterior surfaces – and it is more important that the raceways are well greased and rust free. Standard commercial solvents can be used to degrease the slewing ring if necessary.

In extreme cases after long term storage bearings may need professionally reconditioning before installation.When unwrapping, care must be taken not to cut and damage the integral seals.

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