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For solar panel used SE7-73-H-16R Worm drive slewing ring on sale

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Rated Output Torque:1.5 kN.m
Tilting Moment Torque:12.5kN.m
Static Axial Load:133kN
Static Radial Load:53kN
Dynamic Axial Load:32kN
Dynamic Radial Load:28kN
Holding Torque:10.4kN.m
Gear Ratio:73:1
Tracking Precision:≤0.20
Weight:23 KG
Production time: We have stock
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For solar panel used SE7-73-H-16R Worm drive slewing ring on sale

Solar panels are an efficient way to power satellites and are an unlimited source of free energy that produce no pollution. During daylight hours every panel provides the maximum power level, 60kW. Generated power will increase/decrease linearly during dusk and dawn, and no power is produced at night. This means one solar panel produces an average of 42kW.


When many batteries are connected in series or in parallel, they can become a solar cell array with relatively large output power. Solar cells are a promising new type of power supply. They have three advantages: permanent, cleanliness and flexibility. Solar cells have a long lifespan. Solar cells can be used once for long-term use as long as the sun is present; compared with thermal power generation, Solar cells do not cause environmental pollution. The slewing drive is arranged on the solar panel, which allows the solar panel to rotate with the sun, thereby increasing the photovoltaic conversion rate.


SE7-73-H-16R.jpgWanda worm gear slew drive with Hydraulic motor for solar thermal power device


Wanda Slewing Drive Gearboxes Advantages


l Hourglass worm technology provides more tooth contact, higher torque

l Provide an economical and compact solution with low maintenance costs

l Slewing gear and raceway harden processing technology increase the slew drive lifetime

l All slewing mechanism components are rigorously tested and have good quality assurance

l Custom design is available

l Types: Single axis Slew Drive, Dual Axis Slew Drive, Open-Housing Slewing Drive, Enclosed Slewing Drive, Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive


 SE Series slewing drive Dimensions and performance parameters:


Enclosed worm gear Slewing drive price SE series for Welding robotEnclosed worm gear Slewing drive price SE series for Welding robot


--Customer can choose the motor according to our already designed slewing drive connect dimension.

--We can customized the connection dimension according to customer's motor connect dimension.

--We can help to provide the whole parts with Hydraulic motor, DC motor, AC motor, Stepper or Servo motor.

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