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Light large diameter with geared OEM slewing ring bearing

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Packaging & Bottling industry are synonymous of high productivity link with very high technology process.Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing co.,ltd has developed in accordance with those high requirements,slewing rings with large diameters (for higher & higher productivity) and thin sections which are the main characteristics of these applications.
WD-06 and WD-23 Series is the thin section slewing bearing produced by Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing co.,ltd. It has been widely used in Packaging & Bottling industry.
  • WD-061.20.1094
  • Wanda
  • 8482800000

Light large diameter with geared OEM  slewing ring bearing

Light geared slewing bearing consists of two rings (one inner ring and one outer ring.) It has compact structure and light weight. As its balls are four point contacted with the raceway, the slewing bearing can take axial load, radial road, and tilting moment at the same time.

Wanda Bearing has been a state-of-the-art manufacturer of ball and roller bearings of radial and thrust configurations, and we consistently partner with industry and government by meeting their needs with quality products and fast, responsive service.Wanda Bearing is a global supplier of light bearings and related products. The objective has always been to offer a product linethat meets the specific needs of our customers. Wanda Bearings are high-quality, large-size, standard and custom bearings.Wanda Bearing produces and carries a full line of ball and roller bearings up to 100 inches OD.

slewing ring bearing

The Light external gear slewing bearing has the same structure with the ordinary slewing,but the weight is light,and rotate flexibly,which widly used engineering machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy mining machinery, shipping port machinery, environmental machinery, light industrial machinery, petrochemical machinery, engineering vehicles, military devices, food machinery, canning nachinery, car parking systems etc.

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