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Single Row Four Point Contact Ball slewing bearing working principle

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Slewing bearing as a component of the mechanical equipment,it has a certain service life. Slew bearing replacement is up to its wear condition. The key performance mechanical parts need to be replaced timely.

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This paper mainly analyzes the causes of the faults from three aspects of the bearing's installation mode, its load condition, and its lubrication maintenance. So the solution is putted forward to improve the slewing bearing's accuracy

A four-point contact ball bearing makes it easy to simplify machine designs that have a combination of radial, thrust and moment loads because it can handle all three simultaneously. They are primarily used for slow to moderate-speed applications, or where oscillatory movement is predominant.
Four point slewing bearing
Upon an analysis of a failure to the slewing bearing, some engineer puts forward a countermeasure in which a three-row roller slewing bearing replaces the original ball/roller combined slewing bearing, thereby greatly extending the slewing bearing's service life and guaranteeing the smooth running of the onsite equipment.

Today, more than ever, design engineers are challenged to simplify designs in order to reduce cost and weight. In many applications, four-point contact ball bearings—which do the job of multiple bearings by handling radial, thrust and moment loads simultaneously—are an ideal solution.


Wanda Slewing Bearings has manufactured thin section and slewing ring bearings in four-point contact configurations for many years, and specializes in helping designers turn ideas into engineered solutions. For more information, or to discuss a potential application with one of our experienced application engineers, please contact us.

A computational procedure for calculation of Slewing Bearing Failure is presented. The calculation is based on the strain-life approach, and it takes into consideration depth-dependent material properties of the slewing bearing raceway.

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